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Magic Cube (MC)

#security #city cameras #gamefication


Point of view: How to help guards to focus only on the important information from many cameras in real time?

1)To reduce security cameras amount to 4.
2)To show to guard cameras only with movements
3)To involve local users community. They will be able to watch cameras from time to time through:
-cube (special device)
and point guard's attention to suspicious cases.

To solve the problem local users community will be involved. For them Magic Cube will be used as an opportunity to participate in social life of the city and to feel attached to a cool MC-commutity.

Service contains from desktop and mobile applications with "cube" interface and magic cube device (MC).

Magic Cube (MC-device) will be presented to advanced users as a bonus.
MC is a fully dedicated device for security monitoring in real time.
Magic cube consists from 6 screens.
Each screen displays image from video cameras located in different places in Moscow.
Cube is activating by secret phrase (is to be recorded before the fist usage). Cube is refreshing all the screens by shaking.
In case of suspicious activity user double-click on the screen and signal goes directly to responsible guard's monitor in order to act immediately.
Guard will react to incoming signals much quicker acting in dangerous situations and time of monitoring reduces significantly.