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Moscow Service Design Jam

Local contact information

Contact: Evgeniya Cherkashina,, +79672750920

Event information

Entrance fee: 1000 RUB

Food options: Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.

Additional information:

On March 8-9, 2014 a group of experts and facilitators will spent 48 hours to help participants develop unique and innovative service prototypes.

This time Global Service Jam will be held in 37 countries and 80 cities, where creative teams will be working on one global topic, to be announced right before the start.

What is GSJ?

Imagine a Jam session in music. You come together, bringing your instruments, your skills, your open mind. Someone sets up a theme, and you start to Jam around it. You don’t overanalyse it, you don’t talk it to death, you Jam. You bounce your ideas off other people, and play around with what comes back.

Together, you build something which none of you could have built alone. And at the same time, you are learning new ideas, discovering more about how you work and whom you best work with, sharpening your skills, and having a great time. And who knows, maybe there are one or two ideas there which might make it to the next album. Or maybe you Jammed so well, you decide to form a band…

The Global Service Jam works in just the same way. But it’s not music you are Jamming – it’s change. You’ll be working with people you might never have met before, bouncing ideas off one another and building on what bounces back. People all over the world are Jamming around the same Theme, sharing insights and support globally. And it’s not just talking – you are here to turn your ideas into a concrete design, prototype and plan of action which you or somebody else might want to make real.

Can you prototype and plan it in a way that someone could go out and make it real, knowing what resources they would need, what they should do, and who they should talk to? That’s the challenge of the Jam.

Find about more about what a jam is, how you can join a Jam and even bring Jamming to your town!

The first Global Service Jam took place in March 2011, where more than 1200 participants in more than 50 cities created around 200 unique service designs around the Theme “(Super)HEROES”.

A sister event, the Global Sustainability Jam, tool place in October 2011. Around 800 participants in more than 40 cities created over 100 services, products and initiatives around the theme “PLAYGROUNDS”.

The Global Service Jam is a non-profit volunteer activity organized by an informal network of service design afficinados, who all share a common passion for growing the field of service design and customer experience. The Jam has a staff of none and a budget of nearly nothing.

Initiators: Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence of Work•Play•Experience.

Moscow team: Evgenia Cherkashina, Vladimir Ablogin, Lilya Chueva, Roman Bocharov, Maria Stashenko, Dmitry Sidorkin, Helen Rychagova, Alexander Nenashev and other Wonderfull guys.


Banka Spaces Ideas

Building 36/12, entry number 4, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya street Building 36/12, entry number 4, 3rd floor

Jamming in Moscow, Russia