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Matryoshka's Gift Service

Its all about the experience of giving and receiving gifts.


In a Nutshell

Today’s society saw the paradigm shift from physical interaction to virtual ones. The number of the registered users has increased drastically. This resulted in the lack of physical interaction. Subsequently, social media influence all aspects of life such as relationship, friendship and family.

Lack of physical interaction


The concept is a combination of the online and offline platform,
The online platform is designed to collect and distribute data obtained via social media. The offline platform is Matryoska Box.

The user has the possibility to give allowance to his data on Facebook, Twitter etc. and become a member of Matryoska community. The members become various offers about upcoming events as well as people they have not seen for ages.

Matryoshka sends notifications and recommendations towards who would be nice to meet. The search engine optimization uses the key words to define the potential candidates that fit together. The fit process is filtered via group of interests such as movies, sports, books, music etc.

The members who fit should fix an appointment and send a `silent invitation`, meaning that the invited person does not know anything about the organized event. In other words, invited members choose people with whom they want to spend time, rather than events they want to visit.

The invited person receives a code and is expected to pick up the invitation in the Matryoshka Box. Finally, he gets not only a personal and tangible invitation, but also a surprise effect that is recorded. The photo is automatically uploaded to his profile and friends know that he got a present.