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Amazon Eco

Box as a service


Amazon Eco is a post delivery service to address the waste of shipping boxes. It is the solution to all your environmental concerns of wasting and recycling cardboard boxes.

The box is a sturdy 100% recyclable non-toxic bio plastic for safe and compact shipment and storage. You get your product in an Eco Box, just like always. You will get an email reminder to return the box. All you have to do is say DONE.The Eco box flattens easy and quick. Place the flattened box outside your door.

When you schedule a pick up, the FedEx driver already on the delivery route in your area gets notified. The driver picks up the box, stores it in his truck and takes it back to the order pick up center or the warehouse. At the warehouse, boxes are quickly checked for condition. Beat up and broken boxes are sent back for recycling. Other boxes get back into the system. Now, when a new order comes in, this Eco Box is re-used again to pack the product and goes out to a new environmentally responsible customer.