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Sensory distraction

Get out of your daily cage


“Sensory DistrAction” è un percorso alternativo che rende possibile deviare dai percorsi quotidiani grazie all’utilizzo di ogni singolo senso in situazioni che ne permettano un uso esclusivo e creativo. Abbiamo costruito sia degli ambienti di immersione nella dimensione sensoriale sia spazi di socializzazione e condivisione delle esperienze.

Sensory distractions is a project aimed at couples who want to find each other. Sensory distractions is an alternative route that makes it possible for couples to deviate from PATHS wing newspapers through the rediscovery of the SENSES in situations that allow exclusive use and creative.
Sensory distractions is an educational entertainment also addressed the children who can live the same experiences of adults in an environment of total immersion in the sensory dimension and playful.
Sensory distractions is a journey of discovery, socialization and sharing of unique experiences.
Scream out loud, walking blindfolded on a lawn, manipulate different elements, rediscover the taste with your eyes closed, get rid of the stereotyped image of the shell and ... Senses will be the guide to discover and rediscover each other and together with partners and children.


Logo: Sign Language by Jakob Vogel from The Noun Project. Nose by Nicolas Morand from The Noun Project.