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The open cube of global-jam inspired us the idea of "makers" do it your self.
We identified the image of " mama-makers" like the main user of the service.
We are developing a web platform than can exchange service between ipothetical son and mum. Somehow like "time bank", between mum from a city and others son who live abroad.
The mum , after join to the service, publish on the public wall and/or profile in her own city, her own free time to do or share something; e.g : I share my own afternoon for making a pasta or cake, from the other hand she would like help like to wash the car or paint a wall.
Instead the young boy , has booked in mum's profile to assist and share the "bakery time" with his or her "mum". After share the lovely afternoon he or she will Wash the car or paint a wall. ( to her or other mums)
The service is based in reciprocal feed back.
Mum could offer and required different service. Son as first step should join and give for free few hour of free time to help whoever mum and try to collect as much as they can positive feedback. We wish that a natural network could grow and help mum and son Who Today live far away.