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City in a Green Box

City, Recycling, Upcycling, Sustainability, Local Economy, Local Network, Credit System, Ecologic Education


The project "City in a Green Box" has the main goal of reducing the enviromental impact in the recycling cycle and support the local economy.
It tries to answer the needs of four main actors:

2)Local Businesses
3)Local Governments
4)Waste Disposal Companies

The Citizens can have a better quality of life and more purchasing power. The Local Businesses take advantage of a network of local customers and fiscal benefits. The Local Governments can manage the disposal of the recycling material with sustainability and reduced costs. The Waste Disposal Companies can have a better management of the recycling cycle.
Finally we have the opportunity to use also the upcycling to help the education of the future generation.
Children in school can play with some cleansed recyclable material to built new products for public use. They learn the value of it by having fun and at the same time produce something useful for the community.

How it works:

Every citizen have access to a Green Box Card that allow him/her to drop the recycling material to a Green Box and be rewarded with credits. This credits can be used in public services and affiliated stores discounts. The owners have access to fiscal benefits for each credits stored.
Everybody wins!