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CTRL+Jack is a product service system that allows you to recall moments you lived before:traveling back in tim


the idea starts from defining the topic (shape) as "mystery symbols" where the mystery is something you don't see yet (invisible) and the symbol implies a communication.
the project is a wearable solution ('invisible') that if worn recognizes a gesture (body language) with a sensor and enables the memorization of that precise moment in your life, sorting it by the emotional factor monitoring your heart works is 2 main directions: one will track your memories and the other will live tracks of you to others. all this emotional moments will be gathered in a personal database, so if you want to feel that kind of emotional excitement and you don't know how, you can also go back to your history, find that moment and either decide to live it again or live a similar one.
more over you can decide to share those moments with others living traces of you along the way