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Dice Arena

Website to arrange real life board games meetings


Website with all important information about board games and you can test them online. There exist a system to create meetings where you can meet new people and you can spend great time. There is a system when you can rate games and game sessions to provide you best expierience.
Our job is to describe and review all board games, even not popular ones, also we are selling them.
Our customers can make personal profiles, with info about thiers favorite games, preferences etc. Players can create new meetings, participate in already created. Write comment about meeting and/or any board game.
What is more we want to arrange tournaments, so you can become just sunday-player, which is playing just for fun, or hardcore pro gamer, which can win great prizes.

So if you want to spend some free time playing board games, but you don't know where or with who. You want to check reviews and opinions about some game. You want to try out some game before buying it. You want to participate in huge tournament in (for example) Scrabble and win some $$.
OUR ARENA is created just for you.