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Cranberry Bike - TFL Guardian Angel Bus Stop

TFL Guardian Angel works with your existing Oyster card to know where you are and make sure you are ok.


Everyone has felt vulnerable when travelling in London. From our personal experience and research, bus travel can feel scary; in particular, waiting at bus stops at night time or at quiet periods. For young women like us, this is a real everyday problem.

TFL Guardian Angel can make you feel reassured when you travel in London.

This is how it works:

1. Digital touch screen are installed at bus stops, with an Oyster card reader imbedded in the screen

2. Tap in to get help from emergency services or TFL Guardian Angel

3. Two buttons: SOS emergency services button or Guardian Angel activation button

4. If you don't tap out at your final destination, you/your family are notified via SMS/email that you didn’t make it home/to your final destination.