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The Community Kitchen

Cooking up a better community


We want to enable existing and incoming communities to integrate, creating a new, sustainable, lively and fun community that people will be proud of.

The Community Kitchen is a shared physical space in which people can cook together. It plays on peoples love of food, curiosity to learn and desire for fun. People see cooking as an equaliser. They see it as something bound in culture and heritage but equally open to creating new things by merging those cultures.

We want the experience of the community kitchen to foster that sense of something emergent, new, fun and importantly better in the community bringing them closer together with a sense that they can co-create their future.

The Community Kitchen will be by and for the community. It will start as something that is found or discovered by the members of their community as they pass it by but will grow to become a planned destination for shared activity. Existing members of the community can help seed it by contributing resources (ingredients, equipment, ideas) and time (being a cook, coach-chef).

The very nature of engaging with the community kitchen will breed more activity within the community - sourcing ingredients from local suppliers, developing new skills in the community, exposing local businesses to their customers and connecting otherwise disconnected individuals to each other in a fun and engaging way.

By building this more fostered sense of community we hope to make the emotional bonds that are necessary for a shared sense of owning a space. This community kitchen will serve direct purpose but it will also indirectly show people what is possible if they work together.

Together means not just the individuals within the community, but also local business, the councils and the development owners within which such a space would be housed. By showing the sense of building prosperity from this we hope this will seriously engage developers and council leaders in the idea of letting a community regenerate itself without the need to wipe it out and start again - which was seen as such a destructive force in our first field trip to Elephant and Castle.