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Have a good Way

A prototype exploring how we can make people feel more safe moving around in unknown environments.


When we met this friday we directly started talking about culture, how do we want to work? What is important to us? We all soon came to the conclusion that we wanted a yes culture, always say yes, always try out and try to involve everyone so we could learn from each other. We also wanted it to be about fun rather than winning, rather we would be should be glad every time we failed!

Choosing theme:
starting to work we had a free association session, what was we had just seen? Everyone got to write down their thoughts and then present it to the group.

A common theme that we found was safety; what is safety and when do people feel unsafe? At the beginning we though that people feel unsafe at certain places; the subway, walking in parks etc. but we wanted to start out wide and ask people what they thought.

Insights from interviews and prototyping
What many of the people we talked to said was it wasn’t as much about the places as about the situation; when they felt they couldn’t control the situation, how prediction,

what we found out was that a lot of our ideas were wrong and that we needed to change our ideas and prototypes. In the end we came up with this concept that you can watch in our video


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