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Improving the customer experience in the Swedish Healthcare system


How can we simplify, package and make the healthcare system more collaborative, accessible and easy?

People feel insecure in their interactions with the healthcare system; there is a lack of easily accessible information about their medical history and general health status. At the same time, doctors and nurses don't have a comprehensive overview of relevant patient information.

aID ties together your medical records, vaccination and blood donation information with third party sources that are relevant to your health, such as records from Runkeeper, Fitbit and other fitness trackers. We allow you to optionally share this information with medical personnel, allowing you to have a more transparent and concrete dialogue about your health. Providing an overview of, and cross referencing all this data and integrating services such as booking appointments and getting reminders for prescription renewals both make people feel in control of their own health status and improves the possibilities for effective and efficient healthcare.