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Be a different football fan with us


There are passionate football fans who fancy watching a real football match. As a result, so many systems have already been designed to provide the fans with novel experiences through the normal experience
of watching a football match. Yet, many people have troubles fulfilling their experience.
What is more, some critical humanity issues are neglected in the experiential design of the experiences. We thought of focusing on three key values: peace, passion and
environmental friendship. So, we provided our members with peaceful, exciting, and environmentally friendly experiences.We followed our key values in providing facilities like: transportation and booking tickets. Meanwhile, we tried to think up some ideas to thank our
members with special services in case they behave in a remarkable peaceful way. Our possible special services are: giving free tickets,offering discount for clothes, horns and other stuffs related to fan clubs, reserving special seats, and offering discount for special tours.

It’s worth mentioning that we took the local behavioral patterns and the executional and financial constraints into account while thinking and designing.