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We can do it?


Let's map the city with stories
It is a virtual and physical community building Totem that records individual experiences in the city through collecting documented photos, testimonials and stories to recreate that area's collective memory. It also enables to project the vision of that diaspora into the future to resolve current concerns. The proposed solutions can be crowd-funded and simulated to be followed through initiating action in the community.
The Totem is placed all over various neighborhoods serving as a sculpture characterizing the area, also serving as a reference for tourists, locals and researchers.

The initiative is community driven where individuals will gather to be part of the solution instead of waiting for one to be imposed. The funding of the Totem would be the result of community or non-profit contribution.

The service that is filmed maps the journey of three characters that represent a Lebanese community:

Nadim is the grandfather who loves to share stories and lives on the achievement of the past.

Rima is Nadim's granddaughter, she follows her grandpa everywhere she wants to know how this country shaped its present through the learning of the past.

Nicolas is the Lebanese abroad who wants badly to be connected with his country. He wants to feel that he is part of it even though he is thousands of miles apart.


Nicolas Maalouf
Marc Baroud
Haya Farah

Ryme Katkhouda
Pierre Hervouet