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Experience Time Travel


A. This is not space exploration.


We do not change the past. We observe it.
For by observing it, we learn to be better humans.

We do not travel to the future for the future would only confuse us.
But by traveling to the past, we can be inspired in the present.

On NPR last night, Henry Markram from the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne, Switzerland, received a billion-euro grant to lead the Human Brain Project to create a model of the human brain in full on a computer before the end of this decade.

A full scan is made of the brain: it's neurons, it's synapses, it's processes. In short, the ability to transfer to our consciousness to a machine is within our reach.

This allows a person to travel to the past. The past already exists in an unseen frequency. Birds, insects and many deep sea fish see and hear frequencies that we humans can't see. Perhaps it's a tone or a color that can lead us to the past. The leap is possible.

B. We have three personas. Yesterday was International Women's Day. In honor of that day we have enlisted three women to travel to the past.

1) Consuela Angela is 34. She has a 3 year old and a 4 year old. She is divorced. Works at Hewlett Packard as an account planner. Consuela's viewpoint is as valid as any others. Her consciousness will go to the past to see how other women lived, how they raised their children, if they worked and how. What were the limitations and benefits. To see how their lives compared to those in the past.

2) We would send Maya Angelou. A poet. A novelist. A civil rights activist. The past can not always be documented in facts and figures. Sometimes you need to record feelings, impressions and hope.

3) But facts and figures are important. We are sending Jennifer Sanders, 55, a historian. She will have the discipline and a different kind of observational talents important in documenting the past - and seeing how the present can be made better through reflection.

C. Olivia's Journey
• Buys Time Travel Lottery Ticket
• Olivia wins the lottery
• She reconsiders accepting the winnings
• She goes to the local office to redeem her winning
• She is greeted with support staff: counseling, legal, PR and stylist
• Her mind is scanned to create an actual image of her brain, including all synapses, neurons and processes
• Her consciousness is sent to the past
• Her consciousness returns
• Olivia and her other consciousness speak to one another
• Olivia relays the info about the past to others
• Olivia processes all that has happened to her
• Olivia learns from the experience and is better for it.

D. Prototype
1) We have a prototype of counseling to help decide when in time a person want's to go. The questions are as follows:
a) Have you thought about where in time you would like to travel?
b) If not, do you have a couple of choices?
c) Would you like suggestions? (e.g. personality test, visual history charts and access to any specialist of history or topic in the world at your disposal).
1 week to make a choice.

2) We show a prototype ( see video ) of a live illustration of me and Pierre's consciousness.

Questions taken.

Team members: