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Have your voice heard... (in your condo)


In Toronto, over 270 000 people live in condominiums.

We wanted to know if there was an opportunity to improve the condo experience for residents.

We thought: with all these people living in individual units, within high-rises (or boxes within boxes) issues would emerge around social isolation or a the lack of a sense if community.

However, in talking to people during our research, we found that condo residents were more concerned about day to day issues such as:
1) reporting issues
2) condo property managers wasting money

So, we created an mobile app called Soap Box.
Soap Box is a centralized communication and resource sharing tool that:
1) streamlines the property management process and administration
2) allows condo residents to be heard

Key features include:
- a way to report issues
- a voting mechanism that gives people a voice in decision making