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Sexy Storing & Restoring

This is about a modular service for storing your seasonal stuff outside your home and restoring it on demand.


Storing your skiing equipment after holidays always drives you crazy? There is no space for your empty suitcases and christmas stuff because you miss a basement?

Than our service is perfectly made for you!

SEXY STORING AND RESTORING makes you feel happy before and after holidays, christmas and all other yearly events. This is because your flat or house is clean, tidy and not packed with all that stuff.

This 5-step-descriptions shows you how you can soon breath freely again in your private space:

1) find us on and download the sexy storage app
2) sign up for your personal storage process
3) take a picture of your stuff and get the right box size or choose the right box yourself
4) the box will be delivered to your home
5) Let it pack or pack it yourself
6) your valuables will be stored safely until you need them again

Restoring is as easy as that:

1) open the sexy storage app
2) choose the right box from your personal box catalogue
3) the box will be delivered soon - according to your personal settings

It is sexy to store and restore!


the team.