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Let’s remember home again


Chakh – Le is an online food ordering platform designed to meet the food cravings of people away from home. In a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore, where a big proportion of the population is formed by migrants, a cheap and home-like food market has a strong potential.

In most cosmopolitan societies, there are students, professionals and families from different parts of the country where all/most of the household members are working, thus having to depend on maids or hoteling for food. On the other side of the horizon, there are housewives/home chefs who are good cooks with various ethnicity who cook for their families. We are attempting to bridge the gap between the aforementioned two segments of the society.

If you want to eat, home cooked food, Gujarati/Bengali/Punjabi etc., we will connect you to a person who cooks food of the same origin (subject to availability). And do remember, this is not a restaurant or a catering service but home cooked food delivered at your doorsteps.


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