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Get Fair

fair trade information procure producer consument colloboration


The service consists of a platform that provides information about goods/products/services and allows the consumer(user) to inform about how "fair" the product is. It offers transparency for the user. The goal is to increase awareness and motivate people to buy products that are produced and traded under fair conditions.

criteria: Producer, Origin of Product, ecological footprint, ingredients/components, working conditions for, .... (and further infos like logistics where mentioned during our field research)

GOALS: make user aware of own buying behavior, draw attention at , offer alternative products

how the user interacts with the Service:::::::::::
Touchpoint1: In the shopping situation (in shop): via smartphone - to make a decision or find alternatives
Touchpoint2: at home via screen, tablet.... - to inform about products in details, check own fairness score / performance, compare with friends....

... description still in progress.....