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Learn 2 teach, web platform for sharing awesome and inspiring ideas about teaching.


Learn 2 teach is an online platform for teachers and everyone else who want to learn to teach. Learn 2 teach contains teaching materials, tools and other resources that can help in the teaching process, can inspire and motivate teachers which improves their teaching performance and methods. The platform is crowdsourced, everyone can upload a video, audio or other materials. Teachers can chat with each other and exchange all their teaching experiences and knowledge. The aim of the platform is to motivate teachers to improve their teaching skills, get inspired from uploaded materials and through other teachers’ experiences get excited for teaching. Inspired teachers will prepare more creative lectures, activate pupils, increase their interest about the subject, motivate them and make them more enthusiastic about learning.

Registered users of the platform can “like” their favourite tools or other materials. Any uploaded material that receives 10 000 likes will be rewarded. The authors of the best material will be invited to lecture on a Lear 2 teach Lab conference or, in the case of physical toolkits, the toolkit will be produced.
Grow your teaching experience, visit Lear 2 teach!


Meta Odar
Urša Cerar
Tilen Držan
Matej Feguš
Tadej Muršič

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