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Silent Jam Turku

Grow Happy

on Sat, 03/02/2013 - 12:53

We are developing a service that re-defines internet dating, by taking it into the context of personal growth. The working title is Grow Happy.

Human beings need other human beings to grow mentally and spiritually. There are lot of singles and lonely people out there. Internet dating is a low treshold option for meeting new people and while it is immensely popular (around 25% of the adult Finns have profiles in internet dating sites), there has been little innovations involved. Many consider internet dating as tacky and off-putting. It has a negative vibe in it.

At the same time various New Age philosophies and self-help books gain popularity. People want to have meaningful lives and relationships.

We combine these these two phenomena: partner and soul-searching into one service that provides holistic guidance. We want to serve also married couples who wish to spice up their relationships.

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Jamming Turku (1 of 2 jams), Finland