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Stop Talking, Learn Vietnamese! Grow your vocabulary, crowdsourced from the streets of Hanoi


Can I? Cái này?

- How can you capture a spontaneous opportunity to learn language?
- How can you recall words that you encounter daily but still forget at the most crucial moments?
- How can you customise your learning as a part of learning about a culture?
- How can you grow your Vietnamese?
- How can you grow your English?

Can I? Cái này is a smart phone app. The app can be used as a stand alone application or as a part of a larger online community. With easy storing, sorting, and sharing: you can capture every opportunity to grow your vocabulary, meet people, and use language in your daily life.


Thanks to Commune, Hanoi for lending us their space!
Thanks to Bakai, David, and all the rest of our research participants!