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Explore the world, together


People always have had a desire to discover and experience new things.
Exploring the world and doing things together with other people is what enable us to grow as human beings.

We know all have things that we want to do in our lives
but it is hard to keep track and stay focused with all the distractions of everyday life.

So... what if we could inspire and help people
to do all the things they always wanted to do.

Introducing Amigoals
An app that lets you explore the world of experiences and create your own bucket list.

Create a list of the things you want to do before you die or imagine that you are going backpacking in Australia with a couple of friends. In order to keep track of the things you want experience together, you create a collaborative list that you and your friends actually build together. You can even invite a friend to share a specific experience with you and let the world know that you scratched one of the list.

Ride an elephant in India, go on a balloon ride in Burma or drive an awesome car.

It's all up to you

Explore the world, together.