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Mobility Totem helping to find your way through the city


The purpose of urban mobility "interactive totem" is to provide tourists and people exploring a city in general, with an interactive service that will enable them to explore independently and safely their way through an unknown city.
This is planned to be done, by providing its users with a system/interface ,that collects and organises all the data referring to transport systems and mobility within a city in one place, as well as linking it to useful places of interest nearby, such as banks, places to eat, museums and so on.
Users will also be able to provide feedback and tips on the service itself, as well as safety recommendations of areas where to go and where it could be a little dangerous after dark, just to give an example.
So, what does this have to do with this years global service jam theme "grow" ? The idea, originated from conceptualising growth in terms of the city, this is a critical topic world wide, but can really relate to us and all its problematics, when you come from a place like Mexico City!
In the past years mexico city has been duplicating its inhabitants without limits to growth or proper planning, resulting in the need for more and more alternatives to transport its 22 million inhabitants through their daily life's, most of them with an already established and well defined route, but what happens when a tourist finds himself lost, not speaking the language and would like to make his way around? Analysing the current transport systems we all agreed that a major problem is the interconnection between systems, so we came with a proposal that would unite them in order to give the tourist the best "experience" possible. We also believe that by doing this the positive outcomes will not only benefit the tourist, but the city itself, in terms of economy, reputation, tourism, etc.
Having done that, an important question that came up, was how would all this be funded, with the intention of making this as real as possible. The solution we came up with, is, by the development of strategies and partnerships between governmental and private organisations, we could outline a plan that would result in benefits for both stakeholders.


Mobility Totem Creativity Team
Lilian Sanchez Moreno
Carmen Gomez Velazquez
Samantha Hernandez Babini
Leonardo Perez y Perez
Carlos Alberto Vazquez Jimenez
Leonardo Echeverria Arjonilla