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This video is a brief about what happened at Cuiaba Jam in these 48 h of immersion on ideas and new possibilities of services to our society. Our project is about creating an on-line platform to connect successfull people to students, kids and who wants to get a help in their career. Our first plan consist in post some article, news, biography about these brilliant people and give some feedback to help our public. We did a little research with random people in the park Mae Bonifacia in Cuiaba during the jam, to confirm if somebody wants to get this help from us, and in fact they were lovely and shared their dreams and histories with us. Was an amazing time, we had fun a lot and now, we have another future plan. With our page, the first step is done, and our pitch describes how the service will work. We will build and app mobile to connect people in the career, we will try to promote events at schools to talk with the students, we will make the (im)possible to show people that they can be whatever they want to be.


Rodrigo Marcell
Juliana Polippo
Lauro Ojeda
Evelyn Rondon
Natasha Dal Sotto Gentil
Marisa Zambiazzi
Luis Felipe Pelluzi
Fabian Karlos
Lyncon Vieira
Julio Sonoda