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young mother


Some time ago you were jolly curious girl. You found a lot of time for your hobbies and friends.
But everything changed when he appeared! Your lovely baby!
Now you devote all you time only to him!And gradually your house becomes your jail from which you rarely come out.

You would be glad to walk more with your baby!
- you may have not a baby carriage
- your district may be very polluted and noisy
- there may be a high curb near the crosswalk and no rampant for baby carriage
- your husband always at work, and leaving your child with neighbors may be uncomfortable or even dangerous
- you have no opportunity for travelling because you are not sure that it will be comfortable for your baby in other place.

Mamaservice - gives you more free time and solves the problems of moving around the city with a baby carriage.

1) Safe ways for walking - Now you know all the parks for walking, not only in your city
2) You have list of all places where you can find children`s rooms - expand the area of ​​your interests. Visit new places.
3) Searching of companions for walks with children together - now you can walk in a good company
4) Net of intercepting parking for baby carriages with children's play facilities - if you have to urgent leave your baby for several hours under the good care it is easy to do in the nearest parking for baby carriages with a play room
5) Reliable baby sitters for urgent cases - if you have no time to give a lift your child a fair nanny can come to you at home
6) Taxis, equipped to carry children in strollers - we have created a special taxi for travelling comfortably to load and unload a stroller
7) Solution to the problems of infrastructure for walking in your district - if the city authorities and workers don`t care about your interests just take a picture of the problem areas and describe your situation. Our lawyers will submit a complaint themselves and follow it
up to the solution.

Mamaservice is also:
- Phone consultations for mothers
- Exchange and sale of clothing and equipment for walking with children
- Rating of comfortable places for walking with children

How does it work
1) Mobile app and web portal
2) Net of children`s rooms
3) Phone service support
4) Special taxi car fleet
5) Lawyers for solving your complaints

Mamaservice! You have time for yourself again!