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You have a story to tell? Let's hear. Let the value grow by telling real stories


A service that encourages people to tell stories behind a object, about a place, to let the values of goods or places grow.

The video is showing how people use one of the features: treasure hunting. You will find QR codes hidden in different places of the city by solving a small puzzle on the website, then scan the QR code with your smartphone, it will take you to a page where you can learn about a story or an answer to your treasure hunting question.

People could also write a story about their belongings, and tag them with a QR code. When they no longer will use the objects, they will leave their belongs in a second hand shop, and new owners have a chance to learn more about the objects by scanning the codes and read about the stories. This way, values of goods or places will grow, people will throw away less things, make the world more environmental and better.


Anders Isvén
Jonas Jansson
Louise Jonsson Bergh
Yue Xin