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Shoes that grow with you


Footprints is a store that solves the problem of children's feet growing too fast and it's environmental and financial strains. Parents can bring in their children's old shoes. The usable ones are refurbished, if necessary and stocked for sale. Unusable shoes are sent for recycling. Parents pay into a cooperative model to support the store and receive discounts on used shoes. In the US alone, 300 million shoes are thrown in the landfill each year. This has a huge environmental impact, from the exhaust of transporting the waste to the extraction of materials used to make the shoes.

The store not only help solve this waste problem, it is also attracts kids through its fun and educational entertainment programs, including an educational jungle gym, and a coloring book where kids learn about landfilling versus reuse and recycling. Parents are attracted through the cost savings and the knowledge that they are doing something good for the world.