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Make your memories grow with you


Memorylocker is a service that allows users to organize their private, intimate memories, store them, get back to them and make them into something new.
The founding idea is that people need new ways to store and manage their past, the overwhelming ammount of information they gather makes it harder to remember the things that really matter.
Memorylocker will act as a personal file locker that allows adding tags and metadata to every file uploaded. Every user will decide what value does a file and the memories related to it hold and add some distinctive information about it. A photo might have been taken while a favourite song was playing, a diary entry written accompanied by the smell of strawberries. “Take a picture of the sound” will no longer be a joke, it will become a way to build vivid and real memories.
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The project wouldn't stand a chance without everybody contributing, everyone pitched in ideas. But we also had some really cool skills. Here's what we did kinda individually!
Agata Cikowska - she came up with the logo and drew it. She's a graphic designer.
Asia Gaczoł - she's a Project Manager. She kept order in the group.
Małgorzata Nowak - she made the whole animation and drawings. On her own! Really!
Kuba Danecki - smooth with words. He wrote the description, was made leader (he asked for the title to be "Supreme Leader, Human-Legend" but didn't get it. That's bad leadership on at least two levels)
Konrad Madej - Tomato-Potato-Candy
Krzysztof Jan Odo Kobyłecki - the voiceover!

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