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Looking for your best talents with astrology, self-knowledge and pizza!


How to encourage people to discover and cultivate their talents to positively impact their around?

Our project is based in human-being technology. By using astrology and it’s power of self-knowledge, we will provide workshops to people who are interested in discovery their potential talents by knowing better themselves and learning how to respect and accept the differences between them and other people.

Because of that, our meetings will happen once a month, with different themes using astrology transits as conductors. Here we have the opportunity to understand our points of strengths, fears and weakness, and by discovering that, work in order to be a better person.

We believe that we can transform our around by transforming ourselves. And we can also transform ourselves by learning from the differences of other people too. Because of that, the pizza: in order to finish the activity with sharing of experiences and friendship.


Thank you all Porto Alegre's jammers!