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grow your local comunity!


1. NeighbourGood is a website to find ideas and tools to get to know your neighbours and to GROW YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY.

2. Our toolkit:
a. posters
b. door stickers
c. key tags
d. neighboard

Check out attached pictures to get a feel of our ideas!

Ad. a Posters
Design and print a poster inviting your neighbours to get to know each other. You can set up a meeting in person or you can invite them to join an on-line forum.

Ad. b Door stickers
Use door stickers to show others that you have certain interests and skills which you can share with others.

For instance, if you have a dog, put a sticker 'with a dog image' on your door so that other dog owners or animal lovers will know about it and even can help you walking him out:)

Ad. c Key tags
Order special 'I live HERE' key tag. Not only they are cool, but also help you to identify and spot your other neighbours from the same community, block, etc.

Ad. d Neighboard
Create a special dashboard for neighbours to put their adds and notes on. If you need help with something or can help others , that's the place to tell your neighbours about it.

Everyone can upload their own ideas and create new tools to share with others.



The Cadillac Rocker, Marius Joppich