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Growing curiosity, discovery and passion in schools.


Technology Environment and Methods (TEaM) with Teachers!

Teachers need tools to ignite passion and introduce complex problems to children in a way that empowers them. We believe that by working with teachers to introduce new ways of teaching and learning, we can inspire student’s curiosity re-ignite their sense of discovery, and help students develop a passion for learning and finding their life’s quest.

What service we provide:
The latest technology/toys (partnerships with big box companies & tech companies to deliver); safe spaces and inspiring environments; new methods and support for Ontario teachers to help them pass their learning objectives with flying colours.

Summary of Services
- Inspiring and coaching educators to learn new methods of teaching, like design thinking or Self-Organized Learning methods
- Support (Pop-Up School, on call facilitators and facilitation services)
- Online platform/virtual space for anybody to visit and contribute success stories


Thanks to Momma Tullio, brothers & the little monster for their help in shaping our service! Thanks to all the wonderful Ontario teachers out there - we feel your pain & know you're way better than the headlines...