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Children growing healthier and happier


Children are becoming more and more overweight - it is a global phenomenon and a growing problem. Superveggies service aims to increase children's knowledge on eating healthy and improve their - and parents' - cooking skills. The service is focused on creating fun and enjoyable experiences for families in the kitchen.

Superveggies game:
An entertaining game available for mobile devices, computers and consoles
Targeted to children 4-12 yrs old
Different tasks and quizzes
Augmented reality task that can take place e.g. in stores
Information and tutorials on different food ingredients
Cooking tutorials
Interactive online community

Further ideas for the franchise:
Exercise games
Healthy 'Happy meals'
Ready-made 'Superveggies' shopping bags containing recipe and ingredients
Social gardening
Grow your own vegetables packages
Rent a plot
Order a grandmother to visit
Cooking books
Cooking classes
'Kids teach parents how to cook'
Healthy fast food restaurants
Theme parks
TV series