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Mapping your locally grown food


Eat Me! is a platform that allows people to map locally grown food.

Whilst waiting lists for allotments fill up naturally occurring food or food grown by those at home goes to waste in a time when some cannot afford to eat healthily. Eat Me! connects both Food Growers and Food Explorers and unites them in a quest to intelligently tag and share locally grown food. Mobile apps and a website support this common interest and prompts a plethora of ways to connect. Some examples include; knowledge and produce exchanges, intelligent recipes (based on fresh ingredients from the local area) and walking routes which combine food shopping with exercise and the great outdoors. These examples represent only a fraction of the activities that are possible based on the platform.

This BIG IDEA is grounded in user centred research. Through connecting with those seeking fresh produce (local markets) and those growing it (local allotments) we were able to understand where links existed between communities to fulfil each others needs. Wasted food, lack of community interaction, financial and passion for the great outdoors were just some of the insights/opportunities highlighted by those who we spoke to and this allowed us to begin developing prototypes with confidence. Eat Me! was born.

Commercially the Eat Me! platform could be built and maintained for a small amount - If necessary it could even be launched solely online to generate interest and gain investment. Regardless, we have considered the start up boxes carefully to ensure they can be delivered at minimum cost to our members. These packs would be manufactured locally from recycled materials with single colour graphics keeping print costs kept to a minimum. Inside each pack would be seeds, instructions, recipes, plant markers and stickers to get users engaging with Eat Me! Packs could be ordered individually or for groups such as neighbours, schools or clubs. Government initiatives, local charities, local councils or Eat Me! members are all potential financial backers.



We would like to thank Luke Forsythe - our project mentor.

Our research participants, and the local people of Loughborough for speaking to freely with us.

& Last but not least...

The organisers of the Lufbra Jam and Loughborough University for hosting us so generously.