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This is anti-growth. Get online, get offline, get a little bit naughty.


The Adult Playground

Do you want to escape from technology? Find some time to get away from current issues, questions and problems?

Taking the time to do something different, find the child within who wants to play, climb a tree, have fun. This can be the key to the solution you need. Paradoxically, putting down the computer mouse, the tablet or the phone can unlock the answer to your problems.

This website and app can help you do this. Get online to get offline and be a little bit naughty. Come and play in the adult playground.


Thank you to Loughborough Design School, the people of Loughborough for helping to develop the idea and all the mentors and experts that helped us. A final big shout out to caffeine for being a friend, mother, sister, lover and to the Loughborough catering staff for introducing us to pyramid puddings.