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A festival and web platform inspired by the idea of growing by experimenting.


Our project consists on a festival and a supporting web platform designed to push people out of their comfort zone.

The festival provides to the attender the opportunity to experiment activities and participate in workshops from very diverse areas. Furthermore, it includes a "self-discovery" area focused on introspection with psychologists who can help the attender, if he or she wishes, to better understand themselves, and have a better idea of what makes them grow. Another important focus of the Wiggle Festival is promoting the communication and idea exchange between the attenders, who are from very diverse backgrounds. In order to do so, it includes "talk tents" where talks and discussions are had about constantly rotating themes.

The web-platform supports the festival and the smaller, periodic festivals which follow, by being an aggregating hub and social network, keeping the link between the attenders after the festival is over, and encouraging them to create their own more specific communities of interest. Both the web platform and the festival also serve as a publicizing platform for the partners and voluntary organizations which may associate with us.
The motivation for our project is our shared belief that the better way to learn, and grow at a personal level, is by direct experimentation. The main addressed problems by our project relate to: 1) a prevailing low interest in the topic of personal development; 2) a great number of people which have doubts about what to do and confused about what they really want for their future; and 3) the lack of an centralizing platform dedicated to promoting self discovery through experimentation.


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