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Marhaba! Hola! Hello! Ciao! We are the ChuShu Team!!
Marhaba means hello in arabic.

Marhaba is about enabling people from different backgrounds to start an impulsive conversation in a public space, and possibly grow into friendships.

"Service" is a typical public transport in Beirut, which enables one to 4 passengers to share a ride towards a given destination.
Usually, the "service" driver spends at least 10 hours per day in his car, people coming in and out, some of them already start conversations, while others might never connect, or might never find the reason to.

Being a fun ice breaker, Marhaba grows a conversation between two people that might never connect otherwise,

Marhaba is a recording device that won't stop repeating "marhaba", until it's picked up. The noise will act as a fun ice breaker to start a conversation between the passenger and the cab driver or between different passengers.

You also have the choice to record your own "Marhaba" followed by a message on the device, and leaving it to travel with the "service" to where he's going.