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more than just a lifestyle


Breathe Green is a very special and unique service catered to the
Lebanese lifestyle. The service is composed of a green detective (one
is assigned for every area/ community) that is promoted through flyers
and adds. Upon request the Green Detective comes to your house.
The first step when he arrives is to fill out a questionnaire to
assess your green status. After that he will install four bins (paper,
plastic, glass, organic wastes) and a progress board. In addition to
that the detective will provide you with a manual about what goes
where and the point collection system. The more you recycle, reduce
wastes, and apply our weekly tips, you will collect more points that
you can redeem at our sponsored retailers for valuable prizes.
The next meeting with the green detective would be to collect the
wastes and post your first progress sheet on the progress board ( the
results of the questionnaire). The progress sheet is composed of
electricity, water, waste, and fuel consumption. The tip of the day
that the detective provides when he comes to pick up the waste and
update you on your progress is not necessarily related to recyling,
they are lifestyle tips that can help you reduce consumption of
electricity, or how to re-use items to reduse wastes... The service
also consists of picking up the trash from the bins every certain
period of time which is caluculated after a while of starting the
program in order to get a better insight on the consumption patterns
of each community/ area. With time your buckets will be replaced with
smaller ones when your waste is reduced; your progress board will
become filled with your progress in consumption reduction, waste
reduction, prizes and points, acheivement stickers, and tips
collected. The lifestyle that you will adopt upon signing up to this
service is healthier to the Lebanese community which is in need of a