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agri-collaborative exchange community


Charek is a platform that is inspired by "Growth" in the agricultural sense. Lebanon has plenty of potential in the agriculture sector, but sadly neglects it's assets i.e farmers & thus dismisses a major source for economic growth. We decided to create a platform called "Charek" (arabic word for SHARE) in which we connect all the forgotten farmers of Lebanon to Major corporations looking to spend some advertising budget on an informed CSR. Our platform is an elaborate network where we supply the farmers with distribution channels & expertise to support them grow.

The farmer will give back to local communities in exchange to the services he will receive (such as orphanages & schools in need of produce) which builds further on the sense of community. Charek as an entity will gather a database on all local farmers present in all areas of lebanon & will use this to generate revenue & build connections with influential stake holders such as universities (by supplying much needed fuel internships for students & a currently non existent information platform for agriculture in Lebanon).


Adib El Aile
Lilian Abou Zeki
Alain Charbel Farah

Team members:

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