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Vision: Designing innovative ways to guide families to use creative thinking for a better lifestyle.
Mission: To serve parents and children through learning and adventure for positive growth.

How: The service entity will prepare, propose and manage optional weekend outdoor activities (cultural, historical, geographic...) for families based on the curricula of the classes within the target age group (8 to 15 years old). The entire activity will be enriched by family fun games and easy educational material aimed at developing curiosity and creative skills. An online portal will provide printable maps with route information, lists of facilities and suggested car games. Families will also have the option to download mp3 which include playlists and information for the road. The portal can be used to check into locations and share journey photos and impressions as well as follow up on other families' scores and shared experiences. The aim is to help families spend quality time together while learning which is crucial in this fast paced day and age.


Joelle Atallah - Designer, copywriter and maquette builder extraordinaire
Walid Nasrala - Illustrator, maquette visionary and team morale
Michel Chammas - Group guru and focus group
Ziad Khoury - Idea bank, funny bone and designated documenter
Krystel Kouyoumdjis - Illustrator, animator and stressed implementer