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City Jam is about facilitating the communication and the get-together of people with similar interests, and this by offering two services.

1. Events Based: City Jam acts as a medium to locate and organize events (pre-organized or on-the-spot) for anyone using the application on their mobile device or through interactive screens or projectors throughout the city.

2. People Based: City Jam acts as a facilitator for people with similar interests to meet, by locating in the nearby area the people who have the same interests and are available for new introductions.


Beirut Service Jam hosted by Mirada Madrid

CITY JAM Project - Team Members
Alaa Aboud
Hala H. Hassan
Mariam Mohanna
Nour Chamoun
Paul-Remy Merheb
Rima Abou Esper

Voice Over
Thank you Farrah Berrou!

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