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dining no whining


Many parents feel that planning and making healthy family dinners is a very time-consuming chore. Making an 8-year old finish their plate might be an even bigger struggle.

We want to create an app called Happy Plate to solve this problem. Happy Plate is a facilitating and incentive enhancing app helping families to eat more healthily and in a relaxed atmosphere by making kids decide what to eat for dinner.

By having the parents scan the barcode on their grocery receipts, the app will list the ingredients onto the app. The child can then scroll between the ingredients, choosing what they would like for dinner. When the dinner is balanced according to the plate model they will send their choice to their parents as a push notification.

The parents can also enter a statistic page where they can see how healthily they have been eating. But also rate the meals to learn what works and what didn't work. This way it will be easier and quicker for the parents to do the shopping and there will be less food waste. They can also write shopping lists and store them in the app.

We believe that this will create an incentive for kids to eat what they normally might not eat as they will get the chance to be in charge for the entire family dinner decision. This will also strengthen their self esteem and help them learn what is needed to eat according to the plate model.

A potential affiliate with the Happy Plate App would be one of the bigger grocery store chains, who will place the barcodes on their receipts and by doing so will able to connect with the app users offering them special deals and recipes and also helping them with their shopping list.


We want to thank all the kids out on the streets of Stockholm for talking to three women offering the lollipops. We also want to thank the parents who took their time to answer our questions and showing interest in the need of our app.
We also want to thank Doberman in stockholm for lending us their beautiful facilities for the past 48 hours, and the people working here over the weekend spoiling us with energy and food and drinks to last. Special thanks to Magnus who sat down and discussed his everyday life as a parent and to Charlie and Kevin, the two boys who first tested our prototype and gave us wonderful feedback.
Finally, we want to thank each other for being such great idea generators and creators. Good work team.