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A community & advocacy service for better biking.


For the New York cycling community who want to help improve the urban biking experience, we deliver 'Gears for Growth,' a service that captures riding data to foster community and drive advocacy to build a better biking city.

Who It's For
Cyclists – commuters, enthusiasts, and tourists alike
Advocacy Groups
Local Businesses

Service Features
Aggregate community data compiled over time provides:

- Street use maps and route classification
+ Denotes heavily used paths

- Alerts
+ Traffic reports/problems
+ Ticketing warnings
+ Dangerous conditions

- Tips
+ Special offers and deals
+ Community meets ups
+ Cyclist recommendations

- Archive of incident reports
+ Ability to review and comment on reports (e.g. medical/legal follow ups)
+ Data accessible for search and compiling to aid reports

- Connections to other cyclists for socializing, support and education
+ Bike trains
+ Bike tours
+ Workshops

- Network of shops, products, offers and events
+ User suggested
+ Sponsored

How it Works
1. Cyclists register and pay a deposit for the recording device, which is placed on the bike
2. A mobile app serves as a usage companion to the recording device
3. The website compiles the information for the wider community

Device Data Capture
- Time
- Weather
- Accelerometer
- Street level photo capture


Music credits - Lips by Plura Bell