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One touch can mean so much – a fresh take on morse code to grow emotional connections between loved ones.


IN-Touch is a service that enables people to easily connect with the people they care about.

IN-Touch centres around a personal jewelry-like device that turns digital interactions into tangible feelings and messages. Using a gestural interface you can check in on loved-ones and provide reassurance by reminding them how much you care, anywhere in the world.

Doug is a young stock broker living in New York. He's career-driven and very busy but wants to be more involved in his mother's life, who lives in New Zealand. Doug doesn't have time for lots of long phone calls to his mum Joelene, and needs a way to easily let her know he's thinking about her.

Doug purchases an IN-Touch device for his mum and it's delivered to her in NZ. Using his smartphone and/or a paired IN-Touch device, Doug can send a simple, tangible message to his mum whenever he feels like it.

Doug chooses to send his mum a "hug". For Joelene, Doug's message comes through as a subtle warming of her device and it changes colour from blue to red. These physical changes represent a quick hug from son to mother. Joelene is comforted to know her son is thinking of her and can use the device to send a hug right back to him.


Chris Jackson – camera genius and humour machine, service designer
Jason Mitchell - prop designer & "Cyco Courier rep", service designer
Darcy Dalzell – "Phillipa", "Mabel", scriptwriter, service designer
Sally Wyatt – "Joelene", best actress in a lead role nominee, service designer
Matt Currie - "Doug the stock-broker who goes to work in shorts and t-shirt", storyboarder, service designer