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The ultimate move-in experience!


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Moving to a new city can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. How do I start my house search? What areas are safe? How do I meet people with similar interests? What are the best medical service providers?

The Dandelion Network eases the process of moving into a new city. You can choose from a variety of local hosts to get you settled in and acquainted with your community. The Dandelion Network provides services based on your moving needs and lifestyle - including travel coordination, housing search, and introduction to social networks. We partner with peer to peer companies like AirBnb and Lyft to give you helpful service discounts.

You can access to the Dandelion Network by paying a one-time fee based on the level of service you need. You can rate your host based on quality of your experience.

The Dandelion Network is here to make your move a fun and easy experience. Don't worry, we've got it all covered!


Team Dandelion Network:
Carl Nelson
Connie Yeh
Lily Chandrasekher
Jessica Kim

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