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A communication tool for balancing personal and organisational growth


In many companies employees come and go very often, stay off from work regularly or even suffer from burnouts.
That means a lot of extra work and no continuance for the employer.
Basically there's a conflict of goals between the employer and the employee. One wants to increase monetay profit, the others their personal growth.
Our Offer:
For addressing this conflict, we offer a set of cards as a communication tool.
They make the needs of both parties visible and tangible. Moreover they initiate a solution centered discussion on the issue and not on the relationship.
Ideally they help in balancing the needs of the involved persons and lead to a win-win sitation.
For example: an employee asks if he/she could work on an idea during the office hours. In the process of balancing the interests with the employer he is guided by the cards in making a point, addressing his request precisely and bringing in good arguments.
As a result the level of motivation will increase and the company will have a stable group of employees that are focussed and creative.
By giving feedback to the employer after having played a card the process will be measureable and manageable and possibly improvable.
This is where the service of consultants kicks in: for support of implementation and adaptation, and also for benchmarking and simple administation by a digital tool.

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