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Reciprocity is all about growing the interaction between people and local food suppliers. It's about sharing and discovering food and culture in a novel and exciting way.

At the core of the ethos of reciprocity is hyperlocal sustainable engagement with food. We are all about making people think differently about the food that they consume and how they bring friends to the table.

The service provides a way to organise and invite friends to a dinner party by supplying themes and recipes to inspire and cook new and exciting dishes. With a level of mystic, this platform engages users in fun and challenging ways to question there core assumption about the food that they eat.

Local food suppliers will be offered a greater visibility, awareness and a promotional system to gain new and long-term customers, initiate meaningful relationships and exchange.


Taj Stores lovely gentlemen, Community activists at Bangla-city, Sunday Up Market and Brick lane chatty customers and food stand owners, our great mentors and hosts (who act really well in our videos).

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