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Helping strangers talk to each other when they are in the mood


What is Yap?
Yap is a fun way to break the ice to start conversations - in the real world.

Who is it for?
Yap is for people who want to find and chat to other people around them who are feeling the same way, but face any of the following problems:

they have no way of knowing who those other people are
they face psychological or social barriers, such as fear of rejection or shyness

What are the benefits?
Talking face to face is satisfying and rewarding. Its easy to do, but its hard to get started.
It creates social value, grows communities and a sense of belonging.

How does it work?
With Yap, we have a number of tools to let people see who's up for a chat.

We partner with coffee shop chains to offer Yap mugs... a simple visual indicator that you are feeling talkative. We also train coffee shop assistants to be Yap ambassadors to help get people started.

For people new to the service, or just need a place to start, we provide daily icebreakers to get you going. These are brief, positive conversation starters, delivered through all our channels.

For people who love to Yap, we have a mobile application that lets you find people in your vicinity, and let them know your availability. With the app, you can Yap anywhere - on the tube, in the street, or on the beach.

How do we seed and promote it?
We create spontaneous shared experiences or "magic moments" to break the ice in boring and mundane social situations. From funny train drivers to flash mobs, we want to break the spell ,remind people that they are surrounded by interesting people, help them discover the Yap mindset, and start Yapping.