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Where kids grow successfully


Growbal is a project all about the relationship between adults and kids, in order to empower kids development by learning through games. We will have our own platform dedicated to our aim. Everyone is able to upload videos/files on our platforms with games they used to do, and share to everyone through our platform. We empower kids and adults-kids development by games and exercises such us building boats with paper, designing pirate tools to play, etc. All the content uploaded there will be analysed and organised in sections/categories/domains by a supervising team.

In a first phase, we have to consider some key partners, mainly related with organisations dealing with children development and growth, like Children’s Development Trust (from UK). We hope to get a supervising team and a software developing company for our platform.

In a second and third phase, when achieved certain level of visibility through social networks, we plan to expand and keep spreading the message by implementing the local growing hotspots, by meaning local communities. These communities will be in contact physical in on spot sharing experiences, games, learning exercises.
At this point, our goal is focused on bilateral bonding between adults and kids: adults to kids and kids to adults. Why? Kids are far the most creative, so we imagine a magic room where kids can create their on games, with the resources available in that room. This will happen at local communities and mean to be shared on the platform.

All of this comes to a global community! A global community where inter-cultural purpose is push forward, taking kids to their best level, with strong bonded adults-kids relationships.

Growbal Presentation, Business Model Canvas and Service Life Cycle are attached.